Monday, 12 January 2009

World building

well im currently rewriting a fantasy novel that i started last year, but the biggest set back im having is the world building.

world building ive found is not my strong point in writing, i cant seem to settle on anything, i can't decied if i should have it set in the past or set in the future or set in the presant, or even if i should set it on Earth or on a completly new planet.

what i need is someone to decied for me! :P

though currently i have it set in presant day "somewhere" and hoefully i will stick with that but we'll see since the idea of creating a whole new planet to play with is still nagging at the back of my mind, though i may just have to create a whole new novel to go with that world.

like i said, it's presant day earth, and that seems to be fitting to the novel and the story im telling. but i still want something more to add to it, i may just have to do a few past scence just to make my self happy but what would that do to the story wil it fit with my novel?

you ask one question and 5 more pop up with it. well thats life i suppose.

Back to the writing.


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